Introductory Cautionary Executive
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Assuming you are already standing at ease you can follow the instruction below to come to attention.

While keeping the right foot still and the leg braced, bend the left knee and bring the left foot smartly into a position beside the right foot. At the same time pull the arms to the sides of the shortest possible route.

Inspection CriteriaEdit

The heels are to be together in line. The feet are to be turned outwards at an angle of 45° approximately, to give a comfortable stance. The knees are to be straight. The weight of the body is to be balanced on both feet and is to be evenly distributed between the fore-part of the feet and the heels. The body is to be erect and is to be carried evenly over the thighs. The shoulders (which are to be level and square to the front), are to be drawn down and backwards without strain or stiffness so as to bring the chest to its natural position. The arms are to hang easily from the shoulders and are to be as straight as the natural bend of the arms (when the muscles are relaxed), will allow. The wrists are to be straight and the palms of the hands are to be turned towards the thighs. The fingers are to be lightly clenched and the thumbs are to be to the front, touching the forefingers. The thumbs and tips of the fingers are to rest lightly on the thighs with the thumb on the side seam of the trousers. The neck is to be erect, the head is to be straight, and the chin is to be drawn in. The eyes are to look straight to the front (except when an individual is being personally addressed then he is to look at the person addressing him, without turning the head). Breathing is not to be restricted and no part of the body is to be stiff, tense or strained.

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