Forming a Squad by numbers is an alternative to Forming a Squad - Marker
It is best used when time isnt an issue and can look very smart when performed correctly.

The Squad will start in a Size line.

Squad, Number

On the Command:

Introductory Cautionary Executive
Squad/Flight etc Number

All personnel except the marker turn their head and eyes smartly to the right.

The Marker immediatly calls out "One".
Without delay the next person calls "two". At the same time smartly turning their head and eyes to the front.

This continues down the line, with each person calling out a consequtive number until the last person calls their number following it with the highest rank on parade. For example "Fourteen Sergeant".

Odd numbers, 2 paces

On the command:

Introductory Cautionary Executive
Odd Numbers Two paces Step Forward March

The people who shouted out a number that is odd in the previous movement are to take 2 paces forward and stamp in.

There should now be two ranks.

Ranks right and left

On the command:

Introductory Cautionary Executive
Ranks Right and Left Turn

The front rank are to turn to the right 90° and the rear rank are to turn to the left 90°.

Form Squad

On the command:

Introductory Cautionary Executive
Form Squad Quick March

The front rank march forward and cover the appropriate person to form files of three (Note 1). The rear rank immediately perform a right wheel to follow the front rank. As each file is assembled, the final person to join says "Up" and after a pause all three turn into line together

The Squad can now be dressed as apropriate

Note 1

When 9 or more personnel are on parade a squad of three ranks is formed.

When less than 9 are on parade a squad of two ranks is formed with 2 paces between the front and rear rank.  i.e. they take the place of the front and rear rank of a three rank squad with the center rank missing.

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