Before performing this movement be sure to select a right marker.
It is advised to select someone tall however if no marker is selected then the person furthest right in the size line will automatically become right marker.

Right MarkerEdit

On the command:

Introductory Cautionary Executive
Squad Marker

The marker is to come to attention, march out in quick time and Halt, facing the instructor at a distance of 3 paces, and stand at ease.

On ParadeEdit

Introductory Cautionary Executive
On Parade

The marker and the squad come to attention. The squad observe pause of one second and then march forward and form up in 3 ranks.
Once all files have fallen in then the squad is to observe a pause of one second and then go into right dress.
When the person to the immediate left of the right marker is satisfied that the squad is steady they are to assume the position of Eyes Front.
When this happens the squad is to observe a pause and then Stand at Ease.

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