Introductory Cautionary Executive
Squad/Flight etc. Stand at EASE

Standing at ease is one of the easiest commands to do simply because you move your left leg. this command will most likely be issued whilst you are at attention. On the command, you are to lift your left leg up, bending the knee and then placing your foot aproximately 30cms (12 inch) from your right foot. Quickly move your hands placing one in the other behind your back allowing them to hang easily to their fullest extent.

Inspection CriteriaEdit

During a parade inspection, you will be judged according to: The feet are to be approximately 30cms (12 ins) apart at the heels and turned outwards 45°. The knees are to be straight. The weight of the body is to be balanced on both feet and is to be evenly distributed between the heels and the fore part of the foot. The body is to be erect and the shoulders (which are to be level and square to the front), are to be drawn down and backwards without strain or stiffness, so as to bring the chest to its natural position. The arms are to hang easily to their fullest extent, at the same time holding the hands behind the back. The back of the right hand being positioned in the palm of the left hand, the thumbs are to be crossed right over left. Although standing at ease is a relaxed position, no movement is to be made.

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